One Day Home

Sometimes you find more than you're shopping for.

A short film from Rebecca Louise Miller, Susan Brennan and Drew Denny.


Press review by Herbert Paine

“…deftly directed by Drew Denny with the added benefit of a superb cast, ONE DAY HOME is an enchanting and smile-inducing paean to hope and optimism.”

“…a touching and sensitively executed allegory about hope. What may, at first glance, appear to be a short comedic film about "mattress shopping" is instead an exhortation to spring back from life's disappointments and to move forward.”

“Cinematographer Autumn Eakin's camera captures Frida's mood in vivid detail. The feeling of Frida's loneliness and drift is palpable and in marked contrast to the images of one after another of happy couples snuggling while sampling mattresses.”

“Miller stars in the film, delivering a rich and emotion-laden performance as Frida… Her sharp expressions and body language convey a woman forlorn and wrapped tightly in grief.”


25th Annual Sedona International Film Festival interview with Rebecca Louise Miller


One Day Home, Sedona Film Festival, Rebecca Louise Miller, Drew Denny, Alfredo Narciso

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